An error was encountered while initializing the BitLocker Change PIN tool

Using the BitLocker option, you can lock the system drives and the hard drives to keep the data secured. So, when the BitLocker is enabled on the Operating System drives, it is required to enter the password or the PIN each time when you reboot the computer. Using the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) system, the PIN option is available in the systems. Sometimes, when you try changing the BitLocker password for the drives where the BitLocker encryption is enabled, you may encounter the error with the BitLocker Change PIN tool with following error message.

The error message appears as:

An error was encountered while initializing the BitLocker Change PIN tool.

The BitLocker metadata for the encrypted drive cannot be updated because it was locked for updating by another process. Please try this process again.

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So, if you are facing this issue in your computer and can’t be able to change the password of the BitLocker, you can follow the few simple steps and get it fixed.

How to fix error – An error was encountered while initializing the BitLocker Change PIN tool?

Quick Note: Before making any changes in the computer, we suggest you create a System Restore Point, so that you can restore back your computer to previous working state if something goes wrong.

As we can see the error message, it says the drive was locked by another process in the computer. So, we can try killing that process to fix the issue with the BitLocker Change PIN tool error.

Reboot your computer:

As a simple resolution, you can try rebooting the computer by closing all the running application. After rebooting the computer, you can try changing the password or the pin and check if the issue gets fix.

Run SFC scan:

SFC stands for System files checker. It is very useful tool in Windows. It can repair Windows files and can fix most of the issues.

To run the SFC scan, follow the below steps:

  • Press Windows key to open the Start Menu.
  • Type as command prompt or cmd in the search field.
  • Right-click on Command Prompt. Select Run as Administrator.
  • Enter the password if prompted.
  • Type as sfc /scannow on command prompt and hit enter.

Win32kbase.sys blue screen error

  • The scan will take sometime to complete. After that, reboot your computer.

After rebooting the computer, check if the issue with BitLocker Change PIN tool resolved. Proceed with further steps, if the issue remains.

Perform Clean Boot:

If the issue remains after performing the above troubleshooting steps, you can try performing the clean boot of the computer to fix the BitLocker Change PIN tool error.

Clean boot allows Windows to load minimal drivers, start-up items, services and applications. It is almost like booting your computer in safe mode.

How to perform clean boot in Windows 10?

Refer the above link and perform clean boot in your Windows 10 computers and fix the issue with the BitLocker Change PIN tool error message.


Hope the above troubleshooting steps helps you in fixing the issue with the error message “An error was encountered while initializing the BitLocker Change PIN tool.” And allows you to change the password or the PIN for the encrypted drive. If you find this article helpful, do reply in comments or follow us on Forum.


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