Why your computer is restarting with BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen error?

We keep on hearing from our clients about blue screen error. Previously we have published few article about blue screen error. We know there are several blue screen errors that we need to publish knowledge base resolve them. As per our research, blue screen error occurs due to computer hardware or software malfunctions. This guide particularly about BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen error on Windows 10/8/8.1/7 operating system.

Symptoms BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen Error

As the error says, BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER this blue screen, error related to USB (Universal Serial Bus controller) drivers. When USB controller driver caused this issue, usually your computer reboots or shut down unexpectedly with following error STOP: 0x000000FE (0X00000005, 0x827860E0, 0x80867112, 0x82B2EF70) when below situation are true.

  1. Computer restarts when you plug in USB devices.
  2. Unplugging USB device turns off or restart your computer
  3. Computer will not turn on after plugging in USB devices.
  4. Windows 10 restarting with BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen after updating USB controller.
  5. BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen after Windows update.
  6. When usbhub.sys, winusb.sys or usbport.sys drivers are corrupted.

What Causes BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen Error?

There are several reason behind BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen error. As we said in earlier guides this is due to hardware or software malfunction. Few possible causes listed below.

  1. Faulty Windows updates: Windows update might download faulty USB controller drivers while it is updating. If so, we can just roll back drivers or restore previous drivers.
  2. Outdated, corrupted hardware drivers: It is highly recommended to update drivers hardware’s on your computer. Make sure you download drivers from hardware manufacturer website itself.
  3. Improper Antivirus or Firewall configuration – This is the major suspect, faulty anti – virus can create end number of issues in your computer. You should always make sure the anti-virus is up to date and working fine.
  4. Corrupted Graphics drives and USB controller drives – The graphics drivers and USB controller drivers installed through Windows update may cause the issues. Always recommended to download and install graphics and network drivers from their manufacturer website.
  5. Issues with Windows 10 system files such as usbhub.sys, winusb.sys or usbport.sys.

How to fix BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen error?

Quick Note: Before making any changes in your computer, I suggest you to create a System Restore point  so that you can restore back your computer to previous working stat if something goes wrong. Perform below troubleshooting steps one by one. After every steps check if the issues is fixed.

Step 1: Update or roll back USB drivers.

AS we mention above outdated drivers or newly installed USB controllers driver can cause fix BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER issue. Follow below step to update or roll back USB drivers.

  1. Press Windows + R to open Run command
  2. Type devmgmt.msc and click the OK button.
  3. Expand Universal Serial Bus Controller.
  4. Right click on each driver under Universal Serial Bus Controller.
  5. Click on Uninstall device and restart the computer. It allow Windows to download and install latest USB controller driver. Alternatively, you can directly click on Update driver to manually update drivers.

Step 2: Correct power management settings for USB drives.

On Windows, there are certain settings where you can disable any devices or ports. Do check Windows power management settings.

  1. Press Start key type: Device manager on search.

USB ports not working or USB device not recognized

2. Expand Universal Serial Bus controller on device manager.

USB ports not working or USB device not recognized

3. Double click on USB Root Hub as shown in image.

USB ports not working or USB device not recognized

4. Click on Power Management tab on USB Root Hub properties window.

USB ports not working or USB device not recognized

5. Uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, and click OK.

USB ports not working or USB device not recognized

Step 3: Uninstall Anti-virus software using official removal tools.

Find your antivirus from below guide to download and remove them.

Learn more:

Step 4: Download and reinstall graphics drives from official website.

You can reinstall graphics drives after removing antivirus software.

Here are major computer manufacturers from where you can download drivers for your computer.

HP Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
IBM Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Dell Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Acer Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Lenovo Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Toshiba Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Fujitsu Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
NEC Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Gateway/eMachines Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Sony Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Microsoft Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page


Hope you were able to fix the issues by following this guide. If you still getting BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER this blue screen error then it should related faulty hardware. You may have to contact your computer manufacturer for further support. Comment below or ask more in our Forum.


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