Fix Downloads folder loading slow in Windows 10

Downloads folder loading slow and taking more time to display folder content. Few Windows users discussed this topic on several blogs and also on Microsoft community as “very slow to load Downloads folder in Windows 10”. Unfortunately this is one of the regular and common issue for Windows users. When I say common issue, can it be fixed permanently to get rid of folders loading slowly and taking more time to display content issues on Windows 10, 8.1,8 and 7 Operating system?. Follow this guide to permanently get rid of Downloads folders loading slow issue.

What causing Downloads folder loading slow issue.

For general cases folders loads slowly when you have media files in it, like pictures or video, audio files inside the folder. When you open a folder which contains media files Windows takes time to create thumbnail previous for pictures and videos, due to this folder may load slowly. There are few others reasons we can make a list here. Similarly downloads folders also may try to create thumbnails if it has instructed to do so. Let me make few changes to download folder to do not create thumbnails and open it quickly as other folders.

Note: Check If only folders loading slow or computer itself loading slowly. If this is the case check this guide to 9 simple steps to fix computer slow issue.

Below resolutions steps can also fix below folder loading slow issue.

  • Downloads folder loading slowly.
  • Data folders opening slowly.
  • Files explorer opening slowly.
  • Downloads folder does not open.
  • Windows explorer slowly display’s content.
  • Folder loading files slowly.
  • Downloads folder taking time to load and display contact.

Fix downloads folder loading slow issue on Windows 10.

Quick Note: Before making any changes in the computer, we suggest you create a System Restore Point, so that you can restore back your computer to previous working state if something goes wrong.

Disable loading Thumbnails on Downloads folder

  • Press Windows + E key to open Files explorer.

  • Right click on Downloads from quick access menu (left side pane).
  • Click on Properties.

Downloads folder loading slow

  • Click on Customize tab. Below Optimize this folder section, select General items from drop down menu.

Downloads folder loading slow

  • Click Apply and OK. Restart the computer and let computer load completely. Try to open Windows Downloads folder now. Downloads folder should work fine now.

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Arun Prabhakar

Arun Prabhakar

Arun Prabhakar immensely interested in following Windows and other technology developments. Being passionate Windows blogger, he loves to help others on fixing their computer issues.

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