How to fix error 0x800701E3 on Windows 10

Most users reported that when they try to upgrade Windows 10, the upgrade process fails with the error 0x800701E3. Different components like CPU, hard disk, network and many other takes part during the upgrade process. This make the process quite complex and because of this, there are more chances that the error prompts during the upgrade process.

RECOMMENDED: Fix this issue in 3 simple steps. Takes only 2 minutes.
1) Download repair utility.
2) Install program and click Scan button.
3) Click Fix Errors button when scan is completed.
4) Restart your computer.

The issue with the error 0x800701E3 occurs due to the disk part of the upgrade process and occurs due to the conflict with the storage of the computer. This prevents you upgrading Windows 10.

The error message during the Windows upgrade appears as below.

Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x800701E3.

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How to fix Windows upgrade error 0x800701E3?

To fix the Windows upgrade error 0x800701E3, you can try performing the below resolution steps. Please check if the issue gets fixed after performing each troubleshooting step. If the issue remains, you can proceed with the further resolution steps.

Step 1: Reset Windows Update components.

Resetting Windows Update components allows you to delete the files from the SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 folders. To fix the upgrade error 0x800701E3, it is required to delete all the old Windows Update files. To perform the same, follow the below resolution steps.

  1. Click on Start button, type cmd in the search box, when the command prompt appears, right click on it and select the option Run as Administrator.
  2. In the command line type the following commands, and press Enter after each command:

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

net stop appidsvc

net stop cryptsvc

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3. After disabling the required services, you should delete some files from the C drive in a folder.

4. Navigate to the location C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete all the files present in that folder.

5. To do that, in the command line, type the following command and press Enter:

Del “%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\ApplicationData\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr*.dat”

After that, type the below command and press enter.

cd /d %windir%\system32

6. Once after that run this batch script, which can help you in fixing various kinds of issues related to Windows Update. This script can be used in all Windows versions.

Batch File to Reset Windows Update

7. Now, restart Winshock with this command and press ENTER: netsh winsock reset

8. After that, you need to restart all the stopped services. To do that, type each below command and press enter.

net start bits

net start wuauserv

net start appidsvc

net start cryptsvc

9. Now, close the command prompt, restart your computer and try to run the Windows setup.

This should resolve the error 0x800701E3 in your computer. If the error persists, follow with the further resolution steps.

Step 2: Run DISM tool to fix error 0x800701E3.

The Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool is a tool that comes built-in with Windows and can be used to service a Windows Image. It often fixes many issues with various aspects of Windows and can therefore help you with this as well. Note that this is a very powerful tool and making a mistake when you are running it can cause issues – so be careful.

Follow the below steps to run the DISM tool in your computer.

  1. Press Windows logo, in the search bar, type cmd. Command Prompt option will appear. Right click on it and select the option Run as Administrator.
  2. When you’re inside the Command Prompt, type in the following commands, and press Enter on your keyboard after each command, in order to execute it. Make sure you wait for the first command to finish running before you start with the second one.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

3. Now, wait for the second command to finish, and close the Command Prompt by either clicking the X in the corner, or by typing in exit and pressing.

Once it is done, reboot your computer and try to run the Windows setup again. Hopefully, the setup runs fine without the error 0x800701E3. If the issue remains, you can proceed with the further steps.

Step 3: Run System File Checker (SFC) scan.

Performing the SFC scan will scan for the corrupted files in the computer and repair them. To fix the error 0x800701E3 during the Windows setup, you can try running the SFC scan.

To run the SFC scan, follow the below steps:

  1. Press Windows key to open the Start Menu.
  2. Type as command prompt or cmd in the search field.
  3. Right-click on Command Prompt. Select Run as Administrator.
  4. Enter the password if prompted.
  5. Type as sfc /scannow on command prompt and hit enter.

Win32kbase.sys blue screen error

6. The scan will take some time to complete. After that, reboot your computer.

Now, try to run the Windows setup again and check if the issue with the error 0x800701E3 got resolved.

Step 4: Repair hard drive for bad sectors and fix error 0x800701E3.

Bad sectors or the errors in the hard drive also prevents you to perform the Windows upgrade and prompt the error 0x800701E3. To check for the bad sectors in the hard drive, you can try performing the below resolution steps.

  1. In the search box, type CMD.
  2. Right click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.
  3. In the Command Prompt, type chkdsk C: /f /r /x and hit enter.

The parameters for this command are:

  • /f option will attempt to fix any found errors.
  • /r option will locate for bad sectors and recovery any readable information.
  • /x option will force the volume you’re about to check to be dismounted before the utility begins a scan.

If the C: drive is in use, type Y to run a scan at your PC’s next restart. If so, exit Command Prompt and restart the computer.

Hard drive scanning part will take some time to complete. It will scan for the errors and fix them automatically. Hopefully, Windows Upgrade will work fine this time without the error 0x800701E3.


The above resolution steps help you in fixing the Windows upgrade error 0x800701E3. Hope the setup runs without any error messages. If you find this article helpful, do reply in comments or follow us on Forum.


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