Fix Incompatible Video card error on Windows 10

What is meant by Incompatible Video card error on Windows 10?

The driver installed in your computer is not compatible with the hardware or Windows 10 Operating system. Due to this your computer display may not work properly. Learn how to Fix blurry Stretched or Zoomed Screen Display on Windows 10. Recently several Windows 10 user reported this issue saying they have latest graphics hardware but still they facing this issues. We are sure that the graphics driver is not the real culprit here. In this guide learn how to fix incompatible video card error on Windows 10.Fix Incompatible Video card error on Windows 10

Why and when you see Incompatible Video card error in Windows 10 computer.

This is not the first time Windows users reporting this issue. They had it from Windows 7 operating system. You may face this issue while you are trying to upgrade video driver from Windows updates or While installing or upgrading to Windows 10. This Incompatible Video card errors usually occurs when below symptoms are true.

  1. When Windows selected different architecture driver while upgrading or installing drivers: There is chance that Windows might selected different architecture drivers for your video driver. For example you have x86 bit operating system install on your computer but choose x64 bit driver for your video hardware. And you see error as These devices aren’t fully compatible with Windows 10.
  2. Faulty drivers may cause the issues: As said above Windows may choose wrong incompatible drivers for your video hardware. Instead upgrading or installing drivers from Windows update, you can visit manufacture website for download and installing video drivers.

Learn How to fix Incompatible Video card error on Windows 10

We have tested below resolutions steps to fix incompatible drivers error issues on Windows 10 computer in our lab and got succeeded. Follow below steps fix this issues.

Quick Note: Before making any changes in your computer, I suggest you to create a System Restore point  so that you can restore back your computer to previous working stat if something goes wrong.

Reinstall Graphics drivers.

In this steps we recommend download and installed drivers from your video or computer manufacturer website.

Note: Before download and installing video driver, make sure the existing video drivers is completely uninstalled computer.

How to uninstall graphics or videos drivers

You can uninstall any graphics or videos drivers using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) software. Then download and install the graphic driver from computer manufacture’s website or graphic hardware manufacture’s website. The list given below in the table.

How to uninstall video driver using DDU?

  • Download DDU uninstaller from above links.
  • Run it as administrator
  • Click on Clean and restart option to initiate video driver uninstallation.

Fix Incompatible Video card error on Windows 10

From where to download videos drivers.

Here are major computer manufacturers from where you can download drivers for your computer. Download network driver and install it in your computer.

HP Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
IBM Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Dell Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Acer Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Lenovo Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Toshiba Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Fujitsu Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
NEC Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Gateway/eMachines Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Sony Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page
Microsoft Visit Manufacturer’s Driver Page

Auto detect video driver and install


Hope this guide helped you to resolve Incompatible Video card error .If you still getting incomplete video driver error on Windows 10 than it should related faulty video hardware. You may have to contact your computer manufacturer for further support. Or you install compatible hardware on your computer. For further support, leave your comments or ask more on Forum.


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