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Internet has become the large part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine life without it now. Internet works through a packet routing network in accordance with the Internet Protocol (IP), the Transport Control Protocol (TCP) and other protocols. In this 4g generation, users also encounter the issue with Internet slow issues. There are different types of Internet connections such as Wireless, Mobile, Hotspot, Dial-Up, Broadband, Fiber Broadband, DSL, Cable, Satellite, ISDN etc.

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The type of Internet connections also varies with their service providers (ISP) respectively. In this modern era, Wireless, Broadband, Fiber Broadband are the most usable Internet connections. Even though, in the latest technologies, users often encounter the issues with Internet slow, net slow. You may also get several questions in mind like, why my Internet connection is slow? Why the web pages taking long time to load? My Internet is fast on mobile but slow on computer, Why Internet is slow today and many more.

If you are facing the issue with Internet slow (net slow) on your computer, phone, tablet or any of your devices, this guide helps you to fix the issues and get the things work back properly. After researching on several cases, we have listed all the possible cases where the Internet connection becomes slow and provided the proper solutions for same. We suggest you to go through this article step by step. We are sure that, you will find the proper resolution to overcome the Internet slow (net slow) issues.

Why Internet speed becomes slow?

Suppose, if you have a high speed Internet connection plan, but suddenly if the Internet becomes slow, you may get the questions like Why the Internet is slow? What factors causing slow Internet connection?

If you are accessing the Internet from the router, make sure that, the issue with Internet slow (net slow) remains in all the devices. Suppose, if the Internet speed is fine in the computer but slowdowns in other devices like phone, tablet etc., and then you need to troubleshoot the particular device in which you are facing the issue.

How to fix Internet slow issues?

Before troubleshooting the issue with Internet slow (net slow), it is important to know what factors causing the issue, so that it becomes easier for troubleshooting. As per our research and analysis, the common reasons that causes the Internet slow (net slow) issues are:

We will now discuss about the each topic in detail and provide the proper resolution. You can try to perform the same and fix the issue with slow Internet connection (net slow).

Check with Internet Service Provider:

Suppose, if you face any issues with net slow, first we recommend you to check with Internet Service Provider. You can also check your Internet speed using the below link.

Check your Internet Speed here

If the speed is correct as per your Internet plan, then you need to check with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to check with any other issues. If you are not aware of how to get in touch with them or if you get the question, how can I contact my Internet Service Provider? You can refer the below link to get the Internet Service Provider (ISP) contact information.

Contact my Internet Service Provider

If there is any issue from the ISP end, they will look into it and fix it. This will fix the issue with Internet slow (net slow) issues. In case, if there is no issue with from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) end, then you can try to troubleshoot the browsers installed on your computer. Refer the further steps to perform the same.

Troubleshoot browsers to fix Internet slow issues:

Once you are sure that there is no issue from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) end, then it is your job now to troubleshoot the issues yourself. Therefore, first let us start by troubleshooting the browsers.

Sometimes, the add-ons installed in the browser may get damage or corrupt and cause these kinds of issues. In this case, we recommend you try launching the browsers without add-ons and check if the Internet speed is fine. Refer the below steps to launch different browsers without add-ons.

Launch Internet Explorer without add-ons:

To launch Internet explorer without add-ons

  1. Press Windows logo + R keys on your keyboard to open RUN window, type the command iexplore.exe –extoff and hit enter.

2. It will launch the Internet Explorer browser without Add-ons.

Now, check if the Internet works fine on the browser. If it works fine, then it seems to be the issue with the add-ons installed on your browser.

You can try disabling each add-on at a time to identify which add-on causing the issue on the browser and delete it.

Refer step 3 from the below link to remove the unwanted or corrupted add-ons from Internet Explorer browser.

Remove unwanted add-ons from Internet Explorer

In case, if the Internet speed remains slow even with the add-ons disabled, then you need to proceed with the further steps.

Disable Extensions in Google Chrome browser:

If you are using the Google Chrome browser on your computer, we suggest you try to disable extensions on your browser and check if Internet works fine.

To disable extensions

  1. Launch Google Chrome browser. Type chrome://extensions/ in the URL and hit enter.
  2. This will open the extensions page installed on the browser.

3. Now, toggle the button to disable all the extensions. Restart the browser and check if everything works fine.

4. If the Internet starts working fine, try to enable each extension and check with the issue. With this, you can identify the faulty extension and remove it from the browser.

Now, the Internet should work fine. In case, if the Internet slow (net slow) issue remains even after disabling all the extensions, you need to proceed with the further troubleshooting steps.

Launch Firefox without add-ons:

If you are a Firefox users and check the browser without add-ons, you can refer the below steps to troubleshoot the Internet slow (net slow) issue.

  1. Launch Firefox browser. Click on Menu icon at the top right corner. Then click on Help.

2. On the next screen, select the option Restart with Add-ons Disabled.

3. It gives you the below prompt. Click on Restart.

4. Again, you will see the below prompt to start Firefox in safe mode. Click on Start in Safe Mode.

This will launch the Firefox in safe mode. Check if the Internet speed is fine now. If it is working fine, refer the below steps to remove extensions from the Firefox browser.

5. Launch Firefox browser, type about:addons in the URL and hit enter. It will open the list of extensions installed on your browser.

6. You can try to disable all extensions first. Then check with each one. If you found any of the extensions a culprit, you can click on the options and select Remove.

This should fix the issue with Internet slow (net slow) on your computer. In case if the issue remains with add-ons disabled on all the browsers, then the issue might be causing for a different reasons. Refer the below steps to continue the troubleshooting part.

Low computer hardware configuration:

In some cases, if the computer does not meet the minimum hardware configuration, the basic functionality including the Internet speed will not be effective. Therefore, make sure that computer meet the minimum hardware configuration requirement.

Check the below configuration and make sure that your computer meets the below configuration.

The minimum system configuration required for a computer to overcome Internet slow (net slow) are

Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit.

Processor: Above Dual Core.

RAM: 4 GB.

Hard disk: SSD.

C Drive Free space: Minimum 20 GB free space available.

If your computer does not meet up the above requirements, we suggest you to upgrade the computer to get it work properly. In case, if the computer hardware configuration is quite good and still the Internet speed is slow, you can continue with the further troubleshooting steps.

Disable/uninstall faulty Antivirus program:

If the Antivirus program installed on your computer is damaged or corrupt, it may also leads to this issue with Internet slow (net slow). In this case, we suggest you to update the computer to the latest version and check if that helps.

In other case, you can also try to disable the Antivirus program temporarily and check the Internet speed. If the Internet speed is fine after disabling the security program, then it will be the issue with Antivirus program. You can proceed with its re installation.

Refer the below steps to disable or uninstall Antivirus program from your computer.

How to temporarily disable Anti-Virus program?

List of Anti-Virus removal tools.

If you have not purchased any security program, you can refer the below link to get the best Antivirus program for your computer.

Get the best Antivirus program.

Purchasing the security program and installing on your computer helps to keep your computer data as well as your online activities secure. If the issue remains even after reinstalling the security program, try the further resolution steps.

Reinstall drivers to fix Internet slow issue:

When the network drivers or any other drivers on your computer are outdated or corrupted, you may encounter this issue. Few users, after updating or reinstalling the drivers, solved the slow Internet speed issue in their computers.

You can refer the below link to install and update the device drivers on your computer.

How to install and update drivers on Windows 10?

Roll back drivers on Windows 10.

This should fix the issue with Internet slow (net slow) on your computer. Internet should work fine from now on.


I hope that the above troubleshooting steps helps you to fix the issue with slow Internet speed. It also allows you to make the computer back to normal with high speed Internet connection. If you need any further assistance, do comments below. You can also ask more on our Forum.

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