Fix Windows 10 Photos App The App didn’t Start

This guide listed best resolution steps that actually fix Windows 10 Photos App the App didn’t start error. Windows 10 photos app not working issue mainly occurs due to faulty graphics drivers. Most probably graphics drivers which has updated through Windows updates should be causing Photos app not opening in Windows 10 issue. Also Windows 10 feels that the graphics drivers is incompatible with photos app as a result Windows 10 photo app crashes unexpectedly.

RECOMMENDED: Fix this issue in 3 simple steps. Takes only 2 minutes.
1) Download repair utility.
2) Install program and click Scan button.
3) Click Fix Errors button when scan is completed.
4) Restart your computer.

Now you are unable to view your photos in your PC unfortunately. We are trying to put maximum possibilities that help you to fix Windows 10 photos app not working issue. Windows 10 photo app crashes when below points are true. Also this topic “Windows 10 Photos App the App didn’t start” was posted in Microsoft community.

  • Faulty or incompatible graphics drivers present in the computer
  • Windows 10 store app corrupted
  • Corrupted Windows store cache
  • Incompatible Windows updates
  • Corrupted User Account profile.
  • No disk space in Windows root directory ( Mostly C drive low disk space)
  • Corrupted Windows Operating system files.

Windows 10 photos app The app didnot start.


How to Fix Windows 10 Photos App The App didn’t Start error

Note: before start with below resolutions steps. Create system restore point and Disable Anti-virus / Firewall software’s.

Disable Anti-virus / Firewall software’s

Make sure your PC have enough disk space

Your PC should have at least 1 GB of space in the root drive to open your photos with photos app in Windows 10. However we recommend to clean up disks as Disk Clean-up actually improves PC performance and save disk space. Hopefully this will fix Windows 10 photos app not working issue if the C drive has low disk space.

Reinstall graphics drivers

Off course working compatible graphics drivers help Windows to open images and videos smoothly. As you are getting Windows 10 Photos App the App didn’t start error, this is something to do with graphics driver. Please visit your PC manufacturer website and reinstall the graphics driver. Fix Incompatible Video card error on Windows 10.

  • Press Windows + R key, type devmgmt.msc, click OK.
  • Expand Display adapters > right click on Display driver > Uninstall device.

Uninstall graphics drivers

  • Right click on Display adapters > click on Scan for hardware changes to install graphics drivers from Windows update. Or you can visit your PC manufacture to download and install graphics driver.

Reset Windows 10 Photos app

Windows has option to reset photos app to its default. Photos app reset can bring back the factory settings, this can fix Windows 10 photos app not working issue if improper photo app settings are causing the issue.

  • Press Windows + I to go to Settings
  • Click on Apps > Apps & Features.
  • Search for Photos in Apps & Features.
  • Click on Advanced Option and Click on Reset.

Reset photos app

Run Windows Store app trouble-shooter

Windows 10 troubleshooter fixes common store apps issues like “Windows 10 Photos App The App didn’t Start” error. Let us run it now. Refer this guide Run Windows Store Apps Trouble-shooter.

  • Press Windows + I to open Settings app > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Windows Store Apps > Click on Run the troubleshooter. Follow on screen instructions to complete process Windows 10 photos app The app didn't start. - Windows store app troubleshooter

Reset Microsoft Store cache

Type cmd in Windows Search box > Right click on Command Prompt > Run as Administrator > Type WSreset.exe and click Enter > Reboot your computer. Now try to open images on photos app to check if the Windows 10 Photos App the App didn’t start issue is fixed.

Windows 10 photos app The app didn't start. WSreset.exe

Reinstall Windows 10 store app

Hopefully Store app troubleshooter should fix Photos app not opening in Windows 10 issue. If not try reinstalling Windows 10 photos app through PowerShell command. Click Start > Type PowerShell > Right click on PowerShell and click Run as Administrator. Copy paste below commands into PowerShell console. Refer this guide Re-register Windows Store Apps.

  1. Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}
  2. Get-AppxPackage -allusers *WindowsStore* | Remove-AppxPackage
  3. Get-AppxPackage -allusers *WindowsStore* | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Perform System Restore

If none of the above methods working, try restoring your PC to previous working state. To do that refer this guide Best methods to system restore your PC.

Open Photos with Windows Photo viewer (Alternative solution)

Since photos app is the default apps in Windows 10. You may have to manually enable photo viewer (Classic photo viewer present in Windows 7 and earlier version) Download the below, extract it, right click and merge the files. Reboot the computer once done.

Now right click on the image > Open with > choose Windows photo viewer. Now it should fix Photos app not opening in Windows 10.

View photos with free photos apps (Alternative solution)

You can also use third party open source photo viewers to view your photo in Windows 10 computer. Refer this link

Perform Windows 10 in place upgrade

In place upgrade does not erase your data, it just reinstall Windows default applications and reset Windows permissions. Refer this link How to install Windows 10 update version 1903. Once the upgrade is completed, try opening your images with Windows photo app now it should be resolved Windows 10 Photos App the App didn’t start

Refresh / Reinstall Windows 10

If in place upgrade did not fix the issue, it good idea to perform clean install to fix Photos app not opening in Windows 10. Make sure you have taken back up as clean install erase all you data.

That’s it 🙂

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