OneDrive Beginners complete training guide

About OneDrive?

OneDrive is cloud based file hosting service providing by Microsoft initially for free and part of Office 365 paid version. It allows user to keep a copy of their important files and folders. Users also can sync important files into one drive, share them on real-time through office 365.

OneDrive works almost as your external hard disk drive. It allows you to access OneDrive files and folders on any device without saving them locally. I can say one drive is the best file hosting cloud service my Microsoft. Microsoft OneDrive allow you to login and access your files from all your devices, but OneDrive should be connected with same Microsoft account.

How to create a OneDrive account

This guide will explain How to create OneDrive account. Here we have simple steps to sign up to OneDrive for free. To create an OneDrive account you require to have Microsoft account. Microsoft account is nothing but,, or*email address, or an Xbox Live or Skype account. If you already have above emails ID’s you can use that Microsoft email info to sign in to OneDrive.

If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create the one. You can choose,, or Or can also use your existing Gmail, Yahoo email accounts to sign up with OneDrive.

  • Go to on browser. Or copy and paste this link on your Internet browser.

Note: If you already have Microsoft account, you can use the same to sign up with OneDrive. Or Click on Create One!

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\Create onedrive account.jpg

  • Click the Create a Microsoft account button.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\Create Microsoft account.jpg

  • As shown in the below image, you can use your, Microsoft account. Or you can click on Use a phone number instead option to create OneDrive account using your phone number. Click on Use your email instead to use your existing email account.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\OneDrive new email or existing email.jpg

  • Click the Next button.
  • Do you have Gmail, Yahoo or any other domains? Use them to sign up for Microsoft account, later that can be used to sign in to OneDrive.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\create onedrive account using Gmail account.jpg

  • Continue through any additional on-screen instructions. Once you completed, it will automatically take you to the OneDrive inbox, where you can upload, share or manage your files.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\OneDrive inbox.jpg

Unable to login to OneDrive / OneDrive does not sync.

Microsoft has OneDrive web and Windows standalone application interface to login to OneDrive. OneDrive desktop application allow files to auto upload into OneDrive cloud storage. Your OneDrive user ID and password does not login on OneDrive application due to some reasons. It should be due to Wrong credentials, Corrupted Windows credentials for OneDrive account, or internet blocked by anti-virus, firewall on your computer. It means OneDrive application is not communicating with OneDrive server. Download OneDrive application. In this case OneDrive does not sync. When you try to sign in to OneDrive it still says OneDrive not signed in.

Edit / Update OneDrive Username / Password on Windows Credential Manager

If you’re signed into Windows 10 with the Microsoft account you use for OneDrive and OneDrive still saying not signed in. I suggest you to follow the below steps and check if it helps:

  1. Exit OneDrive (right click in the system tray)
  2. Go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Credential Manager
  3. Click on “Windows Credentials”
  4. Choose the down arrow to the right of “OneDrive Cached Credential”
  5. Choose Edit, and enter your OneDrive (Microsoft Account) Username/Password.
  6. Go to the start menu, and launch “OneDrive” again

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\Windows Credentials manager.jpg

This may restore your OneDrive without resetting your local copy.

Alternatively, simply remove the “OneDrive Cached Credential” (there is an option to do so) and let OneDrive start over. The positive side is if you wanted to move your OneDrive to another location, you’ll have the opportunity to do so during the reset.  Either way, you will NOT lose your online data.

Temporarily disable anti-virus software.

You know that your OneDrive username and password are correct. But still OneDrive is not logging in. there should be something blocking the Internet connection, due to this OneDrive is not logging in. To allow OneDrive to communicate Internet properly, disable anti-virus software to make sure it is not causing the issue. Find the anti-virus icon on task bar, right click on your anti-virus software click on disable anti-virus. Refer this link to temporarily disable anti-virus software.

Image result for disable anti-virus

Hope this should fix OneDrive does not login issue, if not go ahead and reinstall OneDrive applications. Refer this guide to learn how to uninstall applications in Windows 10. Download OneDrive Official link and install it.

OneDrive storage, files size limit and syncing speed

OneDrive Storage Limit: Microsoft provides 5GB OneDrive storage for users. It was revised from 15GB 5GB for all free version users.

OneDrive File size upload limit: Users can upload 10 GB files at a time. Microsoft has recently increased the maximum size for files uploaded to OneDrive from 2GB to 10GB.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\OneDrive storage.jpg

Increase OneDrive upload and download speed

You can make OneDrive sync your files faster. Below listed manual steps will make OneDrive to sync files faster

  • Select the white or blue OneDrive cloud icon in the Windows taskbar notification area.

OneDrive SyncClient with blue cloud and white cloud icons

  • In the activity center, select More > Settings.

Screenshot of getting to OneDrive Settings

(You might need to click the Show hidden icons arrow next to the notification area to see the OneDriveicon.)

  • Select the Network tab.

The Network tab of the OneDrive sync settings dialog box

  • Select an option under Upload rate and Download rate, and then click OK.

Quick Note: Instead of uploading files when you are on slow network, pause it temporarily. To do this, click the OneDrive icon in the notification area on your taskbar, select More in the activity center, click Pause syncing. And Upload large files on fact network.

How to upload files and folders to OneDrive

OneDrive allow user to access files and folders from any devices from anywhere. OneDrive also can securely share file anywhere. This guides shows best practices to manage OneDrive like, How to upload files and folders to OneDrive, How to create folder in OneDrive. How to move files into folder in OneDrive.

Few latest Internet browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, allows users to move your folders directly into OneDrive. Other browser does not allow folders directly into OneDrive, you have to first create folder then move or upload files into folders. Let go ahead and learn more about upload files and folders to OneDrive.

Upload Files and Folders to OneDrive

  • Login to your OneDrive account.
  • Click On upload button as shown in the below image.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\File upload - OneDrive.jpg

  • Select Files from your computer to upload in OneDrive and Click on Open.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\Select Files - OneDrive.jpg

  • You can also direct move folder from your computer to OneDrive, only few browser allow you to do it. Most probable Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
  • Click on Upload select Folder option from drop down list.
  • Select the Folder to upload in OneDrive, Click on Open.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\Upload Folder - OneDrive.jpg

  • Few browsers does not allow folders directly into OneDrive. So Click on New tab and create a new folder manually.

Create Files and Folders in OneDrive.

OneDrive allows user to create Word, Excel, Power point, and other files directly in OneDrive. To do that.

  • Click on New, Select the files type you want create.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\Create files - OneDrive.jpg

  • Also you create file on your computer, click on Save As Select OneDrive to save your file from computer to OneDrive.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\Save As - OneDrive.jpg

Restore Deleted Files in OneDrive.

Are you looking restore the deleted files in OneDrive? Just click on Recycle Bin button from Right pane > Select the file you want to restore, click on restore.

Note: Items in OneDrive Recycle Bin automatically delete permanently after 30 days for Microsoft Account, 93 days for Work or School account.

Share Files and Folders in OneDrive.

Sharing files in OneDrive is simple, secured. You will have control on your files, like you can set permissions to your files. You can add or remove peoples to accessing shared files in OneDrive.

  • Just select the files or folder on OneDrive, Click on Share button as shown in the image.
  • If you feel the shared files can be edited by other users, check Allow Editing box.
  • Get a link option will generate a link that can shared through email or sms.
  • By clicking on Email you can add email id and send them files or folders directly into their email accounts.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\Share files - OneDrive.jpg

Manage shared files Permissions.

After the files are shared, if you wish to manage permissions for shared files, it is possible. Click on Shared folder from left pane > Click on Information icon (Top right corner) > Edit or Delete the user here.

This guide will be periodically update whenever Microsoft releases update for OneDrive. If you any questions comment below post in our Forum 

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