Simplified smart ways to fix Windows keeps crashing issue

This article briefly explains the simplified smart ways to fix Windows keeps crashing issue in Windows 10. Computer may crash for several reasons. Mainly Computer crashing issue occurs due to incompatible drivers and hardware, faulty antivirus software present in the computer, third party applications conflicting or corrupt application, missing system files, incorrect Windows files and folder permissions.

RECOMMENDED: Fix this issue in 3 simple steps. Takes only 2 minutes.
1) Download repair utility.
2) Install program and click Scan button.
3) Click Fix Errors button when scan is completed.
4) Restart your computer.

Identifying the cause of the error “computer crashing” is a big challenge. Here we get simplified quick guidance to resolve the computer crashing issue. Windows crashing issue can also be called as blue screen error, BSOD errors and blue screen stop errors. You can refer below links that commonly followed to fix blue screen crashing errors in Windows 10.

When we are thinking to fix Windows crashing error, we should know since when it is started so that we can guess what exactly causing the crashing problem in your computer. Below are the simple methods to know that since when your computer started crashing.

Windows keeps crashing - computer crashing - Windows crashing

Troubleshoot Windows keeps crashing issue using: Event Viewer.

What is Event Viewer?

Event Viewer is one of Windows administrative tools. Using this we can view monitoring and troubleshooting messages from Windows and other programs. Event viewer using records each and every activity of Windows and other applications. For example if the computer crashing and restarting automatically without your knowledge. No warries you go to event viewer and check which system file or application is causing the issue. Let me show you how to check event viewer.

Note: please unplug all external hardware’s except mouse and keyboard from your PC, if it is laptop, remove external hard disk and other hardware’s.

  • Press Windows key + R together to open run command.
  • Type as “eventvwr” without quotes, click OK or press enter.
  • Expand Custom views > click Administrative Events.

E:\lightshot\computer crashing _ event viewer.jpg

Note: Don’t panic if you see lots of error in event viewer they are just event logs. Tech support scammers use to take advantage of it to make sales, you just avoid such things.

  • As shown in the image sort the logs using Date and time. You should be knowing the time that your computer crashed and rebooted unexpectedly.
  • Double click on the error and read it carefully, and make a note of Faulting Application name, Faulting application path as shown in the below image.
  • By seeing the Faulting Application name, Faulting application path, you already know which application is casing Windows keeps crashing issue in your computer. You may have to get rid of the particular faulty application to fix computer crashing issue.

E:\lightshot\Windows keeps crashing - faulting application path.jpg

Troubleshoot Windows keeps crashing issue using: Reliability Monitor.

Reliability Monitor is Windows hidden tool comes under Security and Maintenance. Using this you can review your computer’s reliability and problem history. It mainly displays application failures, Windows failures, miscellaneous failures and working information by date wise. To open reliability monitor, Press Windows + R key, type “perfmon /rel” without quotes and enter.

E:\lightshot\Windows keeps crashing reliability monitor.jpg

How to understand reliability monitor icons

  • Red x – is Error
  • Warning icons – Installation or Uninstallation warnings.
  • Information icons – Successful event such as successful installation or uninstallations.

Please observe the above image carefully, I have marked empty events with green box and errors with red box. Let me simplify this with an example. Let us assume your computer started crashing from 4th April 2020 (as per the image). Now you know that since when the issue is started, so by restoring your computer to previous working state you fix Windows keeps crashing issue. The green empty box indicates that everything working fine as there are no errors reported on that day or the previous green empty box you can choose to restore. You just need to select the same date or the previous date from system restore points to bring your computer back to working state. Refer this to know how to system restore your PC. Best methods to system restore your PC, and refer this to create system restore point.

Disable or Remove faulty Antivirus software

Most commonly Windows crashes due to faulty antivirus applications, by temporarily disabling or removing them we can isolate the problem. To do that check below guides.

Update drivers and firmware.

Windows 10 usually keeps all the drivers and firmware up to date, if the automatic Windows update is on. Or still you have an option to download drivers manually and install them. We can prevent your computer from crashing by updating drivers periodically. Just follow bellow methods.

  • Windows updates: Click on start button, type as Windows update and click check for updates. Download all available update and install them, your computer may restarts several times when installing drivers through Windows updates.
  • Download drivers from manufacturer website: It is highly recommended to download all drivers once again from their respective manufacturer website and install them manually.
    1. Hp Driver Website
    2. IBM Driver Website 
    3. Dell Driver Website
    4. Acer Driver Website
    5. Lenovo Driver Website
    6. Toshiba Driver Website 
    7. Gateway eMachines   
    8. Sony PC Drivers
    9. Microsoft Drivers update
    10. Microsoft Surface Support
    11. Gigabyte Drivers
    12. MSI drivers and support
    13. Realtek Drivers and support
    14. Intel Drivers & Softwares
    15. Nvidia Graphics Drivers
    16. AMD Drivers and Support

Optimize Start-up items and servicesUpdate Drivers from Device manager: Device manager is a simple way to install or update drivers for your computer. Refer this link to do that Installing and updating Hardware Drivers in Windows 10

Corrupted start up services and applications can slow down your computer. Also due malfunction they cause Windows crashing issue. Optimizing computer start up help your computer run smoothly. To do that refer this link How to perform clean boot in Windows 10.

Perform Disk clean up to get rid of low disk space

Disk Clean-up is Microsoft Windows inbuilt utility that removes unwanted temporary files from computer; it instantly increases disk space on drives. You might observed low disk space error on your computer. Low space in your computer can cause computer crashing issue. Check this guide Disk Cleanup actually improves PC performance.

Scan for Virus in Your PC

The best way to scan your PC for virus is online scan. Online virus scan may take time but it is real time, which is more effective than the offline virus scan. If your Windows keeps crashing, there is chance that virus, spywares and Trojans behind them. Just go ahead and get rid of them.

Reinstall Operating system

Here we are trying the last option that is left to fix computer crashing issue. Operating system reinstallation can replace corrupted files, reset Windows files and folder permission, reset Windows settings to its default. Refer below links to do that.

These are the best possible simplified smart ways to fix Windows keeps crashing in Windows 10 issue. If not you have to contact computer hardware repair vendor for further check-up. However comment here below for further help.

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