Switch Start Menu Metro Style to Classic in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers a number of benefits over its predecessors, including improved boot and wake-from-sleep times, the ability to run Universal apps, the Cortana voice assistant and Xbox game streaming. It even has a Start Menu, a key feature that is infamously missing from Windows 8. But what if you like the improved performance and features of Windows 10, but you prefer the look and feel of Windows 7? While you can’t make everything look identical to Microsoft’s old operating system, you can change many key elements, including the Start Menu, wallpaper and taskbar.

Quick Note: Before making any changes in your computer, I suggest you to create a System Restore point so that you can restore back your computer to previous working stat if something goes wrong.

Switch start menu in Windows 10:

To get the Windows 7 start menu in Windows 10 computers, you need to install a third party software that looks and functions in the way you wish. There are a couple of Windows start menu applications, but Classic Shell is the recommended one. It is absolutely free, user friendly application as well as very easily customizable.

Follow the below step by step procedure to install Classic Shell in the computer and get the Windows 7 start menu.

  1. Download and install Classic Shell version 4.2.2 or higher from the below download now button. It will redirect to the Classis Shell website. Earlier versions of the classic shell might not work properly with the Windows 10 Operating System.

2. Deselect Classic Explorer and Classic IE during the install process. You can try those programs if you want, but we did not find them particularly useful. You can ignore it.

3. Open Classic Start Menu settings. If Classic Shell is already running, you will see a Shell icon in the lower right corner and can right click it and select settings. Otherwise, you can search for “Classic Start Menu Settings.”

4. Check Show All Settings if it is not already checked.

5. Navigate to the Start Menu Style tab and select Windows 7 Style if it is not already selected.

6. Download the Windows 7 Start button image from this link, if you want your Start button to look similar. There are several custom buttons available. Then navigate to the Start Button tab, select Custom button and browse to the image. If you don’t see a Start Button tab, make sure Show All Settings is checked.

7. Navigate to the Skin tab and select Windows Aero from the pulldown menu.

8. Click Ok. Your Start Menu should look similar to Windows 7 computers now.


Most of the people might not be liking the Windows 10 menu and appearance. So, for user convenience, we have provided the step by step procedure to get the Windows 7 Start menu in Windows 10 computers. For further support, leave comments or ask more on Forum.


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