Unable to change browser home page-hijacked

You may Unable to change browser home page-hijacked on your computer. This could be due to installing software through some Internet agency’s download manager or a free software that had some add-on program clipped on to it & that installed without your permission.

RECOMMENDED: Fix this issue in 3 simple steps. Takes only 2 minutes.
1) Download repair utility.
2) Install program and click Scan button.
3) Click Fix Errors button when scan is completed.
4) Restart your computer.

Recently, Issue may occur when deceptive software, such as spyware installed on the computer.Cause of malware in the computer. Some software contains the web components include with the installation. And you may see as below home set as default to some unknown search page.

Unable to change browser home page-hijacked

Fix Unable to change browser home page-hijacked issues in your computer.

Warning : Before making any changes in your computer, I suggest you to create a System Restore point  so that you can restore back your computer to previous working stat if something goes wrong.

Method 1: Check for virus scan and uninstalling unwanted application.

  • Run virus scan (Hitman Pro, Super Anti Spyware, Malware Bytes) in the computer to remove any malware present in the computer.
  • Use Revo Uninstaller to remove unwanted applications and tool bar.
  • Click tools > Manage Add-ons > Search Providers.
  • Remove unwanted search engine.
  • Check the Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provide.

Unable to change browser home page-hijacked

  • Restart the browser.
  • Click Tools > Internet Options > General > Type your homepage address (example: http://www.google.com/) in the homepage > click Apply. Unable to change browser home page-hijacked
  • Click the in the browser it will show your homepage address mention in settings.

Unable to change browser home page-hijacked

If that doesn’t fix the issue proceed to further steps.

Method 2: Remove malware address from shortcut icon.

  • Right Click on the browser icon in taskbar.
  • Click Properties.

Unable to change browser home page-hijacked

  • In Properties > Shortcut tab > Target > remove the link after the iexplore.exe > Click Apply.

Unable to change browser home page

  • Now open the browser the homepage will be changed.

Above steps can be applied to all browsers.

Method 3: Change home page through Registry.

  • Press Windows+R in the keyboard > type regedit.
  • Before proceeding take backup of the registry by right click the computer in the registry > Export > select the location and click save.
  • Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Main.

  • Change the highlighted value by double click at name to your preferred address.
  • Do above steps in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Wow6432 > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Main.
  • Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Search Scope.
  • Delete other entry except your default search provider.

  • Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Clients > StartMenuInternet > IExplore.exe > Shell > Open > Command.

  • Double click the Default > Remove any link after the iexplore.exe > click OK.

  • Exit the Registry Editor.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Check the homepage has been changed.

Conclusion :

This type of problem is caused by parasites. They are installed when you download some third party software. You should pause when software has downloaded and look to see whether there are any recommended add-ons. Many add-ons are not needed. In addition, uncheck the option to install the add-on before proceeding to install the application. Hope this helps you. If not , or if you have any query, use the comment section to notify me & i will try to help. You can also ask more on our Forum.

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