what makes your computer slow

Computer slow issue is one of the major problem for Windows users. This guide has a list of proven simple steps that actually help you to speed up your slow computer. There are several users who reporting computer slow related issues on several forums and asking computer experts as “how to fix computer slow issue permanently on Windows 10? , How to speedup Windows 10, How to improve computer performance, How to speed up old Windows 10?. There are several How to questions which are left with no answer. Then what makes your computer slow. Did any user have their answer and fixed Windows 10 computer slow issue permanently? Answer depends on how users optimize their computers. We have practically tested several old slow computers, researched on them. Listed most common causes for computer slow issues.

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What makes your computer slow?

Nobody can have single line answer for this question. There are several reasons that can cause computer slow issue. And each computer may have different reason we have listed possible causes here. However we can get it fixed permanently by following this guide step by step and periodically optimizing your computer. Most probably this guide works on all computers with any Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 – 8.1 and Windows 10.

  • Background running apps.
  • Computer start up items.
  • Junk files
  • Not defragmented hard disk drive.
  • High resolutions Desktop background and screen savers.
  • Less disk space.
  • Virus, Trojan, spywares.
  • Incorrect power settings.
  • Incompatible drivers and Windows updates.
  • Bad sectors on hard disk drive.
  • Insufficient RAM.
  • Faulty Hard disk drive.
  • Faulty system files or Operating system

Is software causing computer slow issues?

When your computer is performing slow. I suggest you to start troubleshooting computer software first, as most of the cases application programs can cause computer slow issue. Here you have very big challenge to identify which software application is causing computer slow issue. However in this guide we have simplified the resolutions steps to fix the issues.

Is computer hardware causing computer slow issues?

Every single user can get this question on their mind. What do you think really computer hardware can cause the computer slow issue? Of course yes, faulty hardware’s also can cause computer issue. For example: Faulty hard disk drive – When your computer hardware has bad sectors, it delay’s providing the information which asked by user. As a result computer slowly display’s your requested result on screen. Insufficient RAM (Random access memory) – RAM plays very crucial role to perform computer well. Having maximum capacity of RAM memory can help computer perform well. You have to make computer have sufficient memory (RAM)

What happens when your computer is actually slow?

You know the answer. Computer does not work as expected.

  • Computer takes more time to boot.
  • Files manager does not open and takes more time to open.
  • PC freezes quite often.
  • Applications taking more time to open.
  • Computer programs freezing.
  • Task manager applications does not open quickly.
  • Internet browsers does not open quickly.
  • You may see not responding error quite often.


Now we know why the computer is running slow. Check this guide to learn how to speed up your slow computer. This guide has very simple steps that actually improve your computer performance. Appreciate your feedback in comments, also ask questions in forum.


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Arun Prabhakar

Arun Prabhakar

Arun Prabhakar immensely interested in following Windows and other technology developments. Being passionate Windows blogger, he loves to help others on fixing their computer issues.

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